Dubai Fashion Tour

Dubai Fashion Tour is an online platform for Dubai-based Fashion Designers, Fashion Boutiques and much more. Dubai Fashion Tour aims to get a closer look at the emerging designers, inspiration behind their creations and stories leading to their success.

Our main focus is Dubai, as it is a growing hub for all high-end fashion brands. All thanks to the most talented and leading designers in the industry who come up with new designs every season and contribute to the market growth. We would like to share their stories with the world and support the vision of Dubai, being the next Global Fashion Capital.   


Hanood Ahmed is the founder of Dubai Fashion Tour. She is a Graphic Designer with experience in Branding and Digital Marketing. Even though, Hanood wanted to pursue her career into fashion designing, she was more passionate about helping new talents create their brand in a modern and artistic way. Thus, she created this platform for them to reflect their true identity and potential.