The First Look Inside La Perle – Al Habtoor City

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The First Look Inside La Perle – Al Habtoor City
The first look inside La Perle

The first look inside La Perle - Al Habtoor City

The First Look Inside La Perle – Al Habtoor City
The first look inside La Perle

The first look inside La Perle - Al Habtoor City

The new state-of the art aqua theater is getting ready for its first live show

16 July 2017, Dubai, UAE: The wait is over!Here is the first look at Dubai’s most anticipated opening of the year, the state-of-the-art aqua theater, La Perle. Home to 130 cast and crew, the venue is the only theater of its kind and caliber in the world. Opening in August 2017, the show, produced by cultural creative company Dragone, directed by legendary artistic director Franco Dragone and brought to Dubai by Al Habtoor Group, is set to raise the bar for entertainment in the region.

The new1,300 seat theater, located in the heart of Al Habtoor City, is purpose-built to host Dubai’s first permanent show. A breathtaking fusion of artistic performance, creative imagery and groundbreaking technology, La Perle defines the future of global live entertainment while taking inspiration from Dubai’s rich cultural past, vibrant present and aspirational future.

Guests begin their La Perle journey in the spacious and futuristic lobby where they collect their tickets, check out the high-quality merchandise or purchase mouth-watering snacks that can be taken inside the venue. Opening the doors to the main theater, jaws will drop as they set sights on the one-of-a-kind theater. With only 14 rows and seating 270 degrees around the aqua-stage, every seat offers an intimate and completely different perspective as the awe-inspiring action unfolds.

All is not as it appears, as the stage transforms, thanks to a visual feast of high-tech,3D projections, transporting the audience to worlds they have never even dreamed of.

Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, Founding Chairman,  Al Habtoor Group, commented,

“A world-class theater and show of this magnitude take years to prepare for. It will set a new benchmark for the entertainment sector and put Dubai on the map as the go-to destination for the first-class live theater.We look forward to welcoming our first guests.” 

With an international cast of 65 skilled artists, each demonstrating their extraordinary set of superhuman aquatic and aerial stunts during a live 90-minute show, the theater has been custom-built to provide a truly immersive and visually captivating entertainment experience.

Franco Dragone, Creative Director of La Perle, said:

“It is a thrill to present the La Perle theater to the public for the first time. An experience like no other, La Perle sets a new milestone in world-class entertainment with a show so spectacular that we had to build a theater around it. We are extremely proud to present this unique project and can’t wait to welcome the first guests to immerse them in the wonderful world of La Perle.”

La Perle show is set to take place twice a night, five days a week. Performances run from Tuesday to Friday at 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm, and Saturday at 4 pm and 7 pm starting from August 31st. Tickets start from AED 400.

About La Perle:

La Perle is a new show produced by cultural creative company Dragone, directed by the legendary artistic director Franco Dragone and brought to Dubai by the Al Habtoor Group, the production will be created in Dubai and will embody the spirit of Dubai. As Dubai’s new live entertainment masterpiece, La Perle will be unmissable – a one of a kind theater experience the likes of which have never been seen before.

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