Get That Summer – Ready Flawless Skin With O2 SPA

Summer is almost here and ‘be summer-ready’ with the signature facial from O2 Spa. I recently got the opportunity to try out their signature facial alongside my beautiful friend Alina Danylenko at Warwick Hotel in Dubai.

O2 Spa ‘s mission is to assist you to fully relax and unwind from the hectic pace of everyday life. The tranquil and beautifully designed Spa offers a truly sensory experience. Every one of their spa therapists is professionally trained at their O2 training academy to give you a scientific, friendly and outstanding spa experience. 

My skin suffers an immense amount of damage during the winter and the O2 Spa’s signature facial is the perfect antidote. I have been to O2 Spa thrice and I can safely say their facials are by far the best. My beautician was very professional and well trained.  Usually, I don’t enjoy facials but she was very gentle and treated my skin very carefully.

The facial enhanced the texture and tone of my skin leaving a glowing complexion. They also massaged the face, neck, shoulders and hands. I found the therapeutic treatments relaxing as well. My skin underwent a complete revitalization and rejuvenation like never before. This is indeed an excellent regimen for any skin type and especially those prone to oiliness and breakout.

The treatment involved the removal of stubborn black and white heads thus thoroughly freeing blocked pores and rebalancing sebum production that reduces breakouts. This resulted in shine on the skin. The foot massage I did after this was like a cherry on top.

I highly recommend their signature facial this season to get rid of the dry and flaky aftermath of harsh winters. 

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