Afroda The Upcoming International Modest Wear brand.

Afroda (Afrah Al Nassar) is a designer that produces unique fashionable eastern-western clothes. They offer a wide range of styles, designs and patterns. Their aim is to keep Afroda items exclusive and ensure that their customers are purchasing unique items. Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxury and modesty, the practical with the desirable. At Afroda, they aim to keep things stylishly simple.

Since their launch, Afroda has established itself as a formidable brand in the modest wear market. They believe that modesty is a lifestyle, not just a style trait. They keep a fine balance between current trends and modest practicality. Within a period of time Afroda expanded its collection, introducing a classic, modern yet chic collection where designs reflect the changes in the seasons and contemporary trends. They are the nexus of beauty and reality. They believe that you deserve to easily find clothing that reflects what you love as well as who you are. They believe you have the right to love the way you look- minus the hard work- every single day.

Afroda’s concept is based on easy pieces, where a handful of interchangeable items work together to create an entire wardrobe that goes from day to evening, weekday to weekend, season to season. They set out to create garments that take into account simplicity, style and comfort desired by women who find themselves playing multiple roles in today‘s society. Distinguished by high quality tailoring and a relentless focus on the finest details, means each garment truly embodies Afroda’s spirit of beauty and gracefulness.

You can always stay up to date with her latest collection at – Afroda.


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