Remarkably Raseel-Simplicity at it’s best. Interview with Raseel Jewelry.

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Remarkably Raseel-Simplicity at it’s best. Interview with Raseel Jewelry.
Raseel Jewelry by Raseel Fattal.

Raseel Jewelry is available at O concept store, Jumeirah 1.

Remarkably Raseel-Simplicity at it’s best. Interview with Raseel Jewelry.
Raseel Jewelry by Raseel Fattal.

Raseel Jewelry is available at O concept store, Jumeirah 1.

Remarkably Raseel-Simplicity at it’s best. Interview with Raseel Jewelry.
Raseel Jewelry by Raseel Fattal.

Raseel Jewelry is available at O concept store, Jumeirah 1.

Raseel Jewelry was founded by Raseel Fattal, following years of privately designing her personal, unique pieces. The designer’s love for fashion and attention to the details that make each woman different, provided her with the vision to launch her fine jewelry line, which is characterized by bold yet elegant designs to suit a diverse clientele. Featuring a range of distinct collections, each created to meet the diverse women’s tastes, the Raseel Jewelry identity hovers across a spectrum of styles, ranging from the classical to the avant-garde. The traditional pieces combine 18K gold with the finest diamonds, the modern-classical pieces pair 18K gold with intricately adorned diamonds and precious stones, while the contemporary pieces are a mix of 18K gold and a colorful burst of semi-precious stones. Raseel Jewelry is for every woman. It is for every woman with an appreciation for intricate details, every woman with a love for unique jewelry, and every woman searching for that little piece that makes a large statement of timeless elegance.

Dubai Fashion Tour got the wonderful opportunity to meet Raseel and got her to spill some amazing details about her designer life and her fabulous collection.

DFT – Tell us about yourself, what you do and how you got there?

Raseel – I am Raseel from Raseel Jewelry. I have been working on my line for a year but launched it three months ago. It consists of diamonds, gold, precious stones and semi- precious stones. I studied journalism but took courses in jewelry design and started my own line because it’s something I love and I am passionate about.

DFT – How did you start your label?

Raseel – I have been designing my personal pieces of jewelry for five to six years now. I had a book of designs which I decided to share with people by starting my own label. I love being independent and doing my own thing. This encouraged me to start Raseel Jewelry. I am twenty four now but I was interested in jewelry designing since I was sixteen.

DFT – What materials and techniques do you favor?

Raseel  My pieces are machine made. I use 18K gold, diamonds, precious stones and semi-precious stones.

DFT- What inspired you to give this brand name?

Raseel – Everything was built from scratch and with my work. So I thought I will invest in it with my own name.

DFT – As a designer, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Raseel  Everything inspires me. Sometimes when I go for a walk down the street I notice other people wearing jewelry. I get inspired by other designers, nature, history of art and so on. Everything creative inspires me

DFT – Tell us about your design style. What makes your collections unique in the industry?

Raseel  I always wanted to keep my design clean and simple but with a touch of crazy. I love colors. I am a cheerful person and love experimenting with colors like yellow, purple, green and so on. My label consists of simple pieces yet they give a larger statement of timeless elegance. They might be small pieces but each piece has its own unique taste, origin and color. One collection is made of gold, another is made of precious stones where it breaks the classic look and another is semi-precious stones that are colorful and can be worn casually. What makes my label unique is that I don’t focus on creating jewelry that shines but in creating simple elegant pieces that can be worn day and night. There are some labels who go for casual with leather and some labels go for heavy pieces with diamonds. I try to manage between the both and come up with small pieces that are elegant yet casual.

DFT – What do you love about the work you do?

Raseel  Honestly, I love everything. Everything is a pleasure because I am really doing what I love and what I am passionate about. The feeling of being independent is amazing. The inspiration, planning the next collection, meeting new people and everything to do with it is utmost pleasure. I have a team who helps me but I mostly do the planning and designing of the whole thing.

DFT – What kind of person wears your jewelry?

Raseel  Any person who appreciates jewelry and my designs. Elegant and outgoing women wear my designs.

DFT – Can you name some jewelry designers that you like?

Raseel  I used to personalize my own jewelry. It was never about the labels. I used to wear Cartier and Bvlgari but most of my jewelry was designed by my jewelry maker in Beirut before we started working together.

DFT – What’s your jewelry philosophy? 

Raseel  I believe jewelry helps in expressing yourself. It reflects the personality of the person wearing it. I am a very simple person. Hence my pieces are more calm and elegant with a creative touch.

DFT – What’s it like to see someone on the street wearing one of your creations?

Raseel – It has happened to me several times and it makes me very proud and happy. There were times I stopped people who are my customers and who I am not familiar with when I see them wearing my design. It makes me immensely happy.

DFT – Who would you most like to see wearing your jewelry?

Raseel  I don’t have anyone specific in mind but I sure would love any celebrity who appreciates my jewelry to wear it.

DFT – What is your technique on wearing jewelry?

Raseel I like simple stuff but I love to mix and match. I would like to combine a diamond studded jewelry with a leather studded with precious gems, chokers with long necklaces, earrings with loops and so on. I believe a person should always mix and match.

DFT- What is the secret for your success?

Raseel  I was heartbroken and that is what pushed me to work harder and harder. I was always good and supportive of others. This was the only time in life I decided to be selfish and focus on myself with something that I love. I started this after my break up and this made me push more energy into this. Eventually I got addicted to the work and now I have bigger goals to achieve.

DFT – What failures have you experienced? How have you overcome them and how has it impacted you?

Raseel  We all face setbacks in our work. Mostly there were people who tried to put me down. When I started I thought people would be happy and encourage me with any kind of support. But when I launched it I saw many people get angry and jealous. They tried to put me down and gave negative vibes but I did it anyway. I am so happy that I am growing fast and such people are out of my life.

DFT – How do you market your business?

Raseel  Social media is the key to putting your taste and jewelry pieces out there. I have Instagram, Facebook and my own website. It helps me in customization as well because not all customers like simple pieces. For example a customers might like a piece with less diamonds and she might require more diamonds on that particular design. Some people like to bling it up a bit and social media surely helps in everything.

DFT – Where can we find you and your work?

Raseel  You can find my work in O concept store Dubai and my website.

DFT – what do you think about the Dubai market?

Raseel  Dubai market is the best. It is a fashion world filled with diverse nationalities and tastes with tourists coming here for vacation from everywhere. Dubai is like an international key. You can start from Dubai and go viral to all around the world.

DFT – What do you think about Dubai fashion industry? Do you think it will be the next global fashion capital?

Raseel -Yes. I believe Dubai will be the next fashion capital and that is exactly why I launched my line here though I was from Beirut. I wanted to step into this fashion industry before it’s too late as the competition is intense here.

DFT- Who is your favorite fashion designer?

Raseel  I really don’t have a particular favorite designer. I like to wear pieces from all the designers. But if I were to choose I would choose House of Nomad from Dubai, Chloe from the international platform and Mirna Jawhari from Lebanon.

DFT- What are your future plans? Do you think jewelry and fashion industries merge these days?

Raseel – I want it to go international. I want my collection to be available all around the world. For now my collection is available in already existing stores. My future plan is to have my own kiosk and shops. I want this because I need my customers to know and feel the story behind the brand. Of course jewelry and fashion industries merge and complement each other these days. I get inspired by fashionable and trendy colors and designs. They might not be relatable to that extent but they definitely complement each other and complete the whole look.

DFT- What is your advice for aspiring jewelry designers?

Raseel  The common mistake all jewelry designers make is the use of low quality diamonds and gold to make the jewelry look bigger. Always use high quality elements. If it doesn’t fit your budget then make smaller pieces but always make sure the pieces are authentic. A jewelry is a women’s valuable possession that she keeps forever. So always make it authentic and valuable.

DFT – What’s next? Are you working on your next collection?

Raseel  I started working on my next collection and some of them are already done. I am launching it in new locations as well – Jeddah next month and Kuwait later.

DFT – Your favorite quote?

Raseel  It might seem cliché but I love the quote- Simplicity is beauty. My genre reflects this quote as I believe it fits with everything in life. When you keep it simple you are beautiful and elegant.

DFT- Is there anything you would like to share exclusively to Dubai Fashion Tour?

Raseel  I am going to throw an event with my best friend Paula who is a fashion influencer in Instagram. We are going to collaborate this Ramadan where I will showcase my latest collection and you can shop her looks straight away from her Instagram. It’s going to be something you should definitely not miss.

We had an amazing time understanding the concept of Raseel Jewelry in detail. We wish Raseel all the success for her future ventures. You can shop her fabulous collection from here –


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