For The Edgy Ones. Interview with The Founder of Loulz Fashion: Lorate Hamzeh.

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For The Edgy Ones. Interview with The Founder of Loulz Fashion: Lorate Hamzeh.
Loulz Fashion Shop

Loulz is located in Jumeirah Beach road , Dubai. For more information visit –

For The Edgy Ones. Interview with The Founder of Loulz Fashion: Lorate Hamzeh.
Loulz Fashion Shop

Loulz is located in Jumeirah Beach road , Dubai. For more information visit –

For The Edgy Ones. Interview with The Founder of Loulz Fashion: Lorate Hamzeh.
Loulz Fashion Shop

Loulz is located in Jumeirah Beach road , Dubai. For more information visit –

Being a multi- brand concept store based in the fashionable city Dubai , Loulz prides itself on it’s collection of brands carefully curated in order to suit the taste of even the most discerning clientele. From clothes, accessories to shoes, the shop is the ultimate fashion destination for the modern smart woman with an inimitable style, thirst for sophistication, and an eye for artistry and innovation.

Dubai Fashion Tour got the chance to meet and chat with the owner of Loulz, Lorate Hamzeh and we got her to spill the details about her experience in Dubai’s fashion industry.


DFT How did you get your start in the fashion industry?

Lorate Loulz is my nickname and I started this to showcase a complete interpretation of my personality and an embodiment of what I like about fashion. Loulz collection of brands are for those women who are unique and stand out of the crowd in everything that she does. I always hard a hard time finding clothes of my taste in Dubai. So I preferred to shop clothes from Europe, U.S and Canada from designers who designed one unique edgy pieces at a time with impeccable quality. Dubai has everything but I believe it lacks unique edgy designers. So I decided to bring that concept here and fill the gap.

DFT- What was the most difficult aspect of opening your boutique in Dubai? 

Lorate – Introducing this concept to people and daring them to try something unique and creative from the typical brands styles was the most difficult part. The quality of Loulz is same as those brands.  To shift the people’s attention was challenging. With Loulz you are paying the same for quality and cutting edge fashion without having to follow the cliché style of those brands.

DFT- What and who influences you when you are buying for your store?

Lorate – Me. I choose the pieces, try them on and select them. I want to provide clothes and fashion for all the women irrespective of their body shapes and sizes, dare them to be unique and feel beautiful in these clothes. It’s hard to pull off everything that your customer might like but I believe they will find a personality in the clothes provided by the numerous designers. Everyone who comes in here will find a brand on which their personality reflects.

DFT- What are some major setbacks that you’ve had in this particular business that you had to overcome?

Lorate – In Dubai everyone seems to follow a set of trends. For example if Fendi put forth something as a trend for a particular season people tend to follow the same! I want people to think differently. That’s the first difficult task. All the collection showcased in Loulz is of high quality. When you pay in Loulz you pay for the quality and not the brand. I have precious and real gems, gold, and silver in jewelry whose quality would be as good as the first time you bought even after ten years. It can be kept in your closet and worn from time to time without any distortion in quality. The items in the collection are chosen because of this quality and beauty. It’s difficult to make people understand that quality has to be given the first priority.

DFTWhat skills are required to succeed as a fashion entrepreneur?

Lorate – As a fashion entrepreneur I have learnt to have a mindset to go out there and take the risk. Entrepreneurship is about taking the risk and without the risk you will be stuck in a 9 to 5 job doing the same thing over and over again. Being a fashion entrepreneur you should learn to take risks and do things differently. You won’t get the results unless you take a risk.

DFT- How does Instagram or social media effects your brands choices?

Lorate – Social media has become very important these days. People go to Instagram and SnapChat to know the current fashion trends. No one has the time to open up magazines or wait for the publications to know about it. They want it instantly so they follow bloggers who walk in these stores and instantly tell them what is in fashion. So Social media has a great impact on fashion these days.

DFT- How active are you on social media platforms?

Lorate – I am very active on social media. Every day I put posts on people visiting the store and new collections that have come in because people love to hear from us and know what we are up to. We get many clients from social media.

DFT- How often do you dedicate your time to create a nice content for your social media accounts? And which kind of contents you think are the most effective?

Lorate – The best type of content that works for Loulz are videos and that too the videos that we make. This is because we take time to showcase the items piece by piece unlike high resolution images as photo-shoots with models don’t tell the story and all the brands in Loulz has a story. Every designer here has a wonderful story to share and I believe videos are the best way to share them. Our followers watch these videos and visit the store because they see something in the videos that they liked.

DFT- Your boutique design is AMAZING. Can you tell us about it?

Lorate – I designed the boutique myself. I didn’t have a designer to design it for me. Basically I wanted a New York style shop with a warm feeling and that’s why I chose the color orange. I did everything myself – from the lamps to floor and the ceiling.

DFT- How would you describe your personal style?

Lorate – My personal style is edgy and I love black and white specifically. I can do colors as well but I feel powerful in black. This is why I usually wear black or white for any event. I feel wonderful in it.


DFT- How can someone who tends to dress really “safe” break out of their comfort zone and dress more creatively?

Lorate – The most important thing is to be comfortable in what you wear. High heels look great but there is no point in wearing high heels if you are not comfortable in them. If you want to break out of your comfort zone try another color but make sure the fit is correct and comfortable.

DFT- Who is your favorite fashion designer around the world?

Lorate – My favorite designer from around the world is Barbra Igongini. I know her personally and I love her cutting edge designs. No one does it better than her and her pieces are available here in Loulz. 



DFT- Who is your favorite fashion designer in Dubai?

Lorate – My favorite designer in Dubai is Aiisha Ramadan. Her dresses are spectacular.aiisha


DFT- Do you have some local fashion brands in your store?

Lorate –I have local fashion brand only for kimonos. But I will have local fashion brands in my store in the future if they have a unique style and cutting edge that fits the DNA of this store.

DFT- What do you think about Dubai fashion industry? Do you think it will become the next global fashion capital?

Lorate – Now that Dubai Design District has opened up there is lots of opportunities for designers to come in and create. Dubai now has become more open to more new labels, ideas and concepts. So I don’t see why Dubai cannot become the next global fashion capital!

It was lovely meeting Lorate and visiting her beautiful boutique. Loulz is located in Jumeirah Beach road , Dubai. For more information please visit –


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